Blackberry Torch 9800 Headphone Jack Repair

I use the headphone jack multiple times a day, connecting my torch 9800 to the car stereo.  Over the past year, the connection has gotten flaky, eventually past the point of frustration.

It seems like a loose connection (when I fiddle with the cable, I sometimes get right and left audio), and I assumed it was the connection of the jack to the PCB inside the phone.  I was anxious to get my soldering iron hot, and void my (nonexistent) warranty.

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Theremin Workshop @ #{3, 5, 6}

Theremin board with two 260kHz oscillators
Theremin board with two 260kHz oscillators

At the theremin workshop, I was able to add my two pitch oscillators, and tested them successfully at 260kHz. It took me one session for each oscillator (3 and 5), but I was done early on the second oscillator.

During session 6 last week, I added the tuning circuit for the oscillator that is attached to the control panel. (not in picture)

Theremin Workshop @ #2

Theremin Main Board
Theremin Main Board

Yesterday was the second day of the Theremin Workshop run by Andrew Kilpatrick at the Toronto Hacklab.

We seemed to get pretty well along the process in the first workshop.  I had my power supply completed, but my voltage regulators were in backwards – because the pin-out diagram was labeled as if looking from the bottom of the IC, not the top (as I assumed that all would be).  Unfortunately, we found this out when we connected the supply voltage, and things got hot. Continue reading Theremin Workshop @ #2