Zip.Ca average DVD rental cost

I signed up with Zip.Ca last July, and was able to rent 36 DVDs within the year.  I’ve been on the 1 DVD Unlimited plan for the whole time, and returned DVDs fairly quickly.  My total cost (taxes in) was $148.44, with an average DVD rental of $4.12.  This is actually more expensive than the 1 DVD plan (2/month), with an average DVD rental of $3.36.  I’ve averaged 3 DVDs/month, so it would still work out cheaper if I took the 1 DVD plan, and paid the extra $2.49+tx/DVD.

I didn’t find out about ZipRefill until the end of July, and I’ve now started using it.  I’m interested to see how this affects my average rentals this year.  I think I would need to average 3.7 DVDs/month or 44 DVDs/year to have this plan make sense.

Ditching Bell POTS for VoIP around Toronto


I’m always looking at ways to run the house more economically.  I was already using TekSavvy for home phone, but my average bill was still around $40 then, and that was just for visual call waiting, and $0.03/minute long distance.  I was curious about switching to VoIP, and specifically,, so I decided to give it a try.
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OTA Digital TV in Oshawa

Oshawa is one of the best places in North America for over the air TV.  We get signals from the CN Tower, Hamilton, and many of the Buffalo stations.  Using the setup I’ll describe, I’m currently receiving 21 (or more) digital TV channels with no rotor, and many of them are HD!  Digital TV provides a crystal clear signal.  It provides a higher quality signal than Cable TV, particularly with the HD signals, as there is no compression applied to the channel.  Best of all, your monthly payments are reduced to $0!

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