Zip.Ca average DVD rental cost

I signed up with Zip.Ca last July, and was able to rent 36 DVDs within the year.  I’ve been on the 1 DVD Unlimited plan for the whole time, and returned DVDs fairly quickly.  My total cost (taxes in) was $148.44, with an average DVD rental of $4.12.  This is actually more expensive than the 1 DVD plan (2/month), with an average DVD rental of $3.36.  I’ve averaged 3 DVDs/month, so it would still work out cheaper if I took the 1 DVD plan, and paid the extra $2.49+tx/DVD.

I didn’t find out about ZipRefill until the end of July, and I’ve now started using it.  I’m interested to see how this affects my average rentals this year.  I think I would need to average 3.7 DVDs/month or 44 DVDs/year to have this plan make sense.

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