Chicken Wings

Everything relating to chicken wings in Oshawa, and the Durham Region.

I’m a big fan of c-dubs as you can probably figure out.  I like them spicy (usually suicide), but also flavourful. I like my wings plain, not breaded, and usually get the sauce on the side.  It keeps the wings deep-fried crispy, and makes it easier to stay clean.

I don’t go for breaded for a few reasons.  The first is that you don’t fill up on empty junk.  I’d rather have a few extra protein rich wings & sauce than some starch.  Don’t get me wrong, I know in the realm of the wing, there is no healthy option, but it seems to be better value to me.  The second thing is cheating the flavour.  If you have breading with seasoning, how can you fully taste the sauce, or the meat?  One might argue the breading is part of the package, and you include that in your overall tasting, but I’m not really interested in tasting bread.

It’s all about the meat, and the sauce.

I don’t plan to add any events that I haven’t gone to personally, or for places that I wouldn’t go to again.

You can be sure that if it’s here, I would recommend you go there.

One thought on “Chicken Wings”

  1. Personally, I like the breading.
    Reason is that the bread enables the wings to hold more sauce. It’s absorbancy increases the sauce per wing ratio. Yes, I admit, it is bread. But the bread serves as a transfer for the sauce. The taste of the bread is masked by the sauce. The bread is a prelim to the main event. A catalyst.
    As Ghandi used to say: Chicken wing breading gives wings to dreams.

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