Chicken Wing Calendar

This is  calendar detailing all of the good deals for wings that I know about, and endorse.  See what’s on this week:


I should mention The Village Inn has 20 wings for $12.99 *everyday*! That’s a pretty good deal, if you need to fill in the blank spots.

4 thoughts on “Chicken Wing Calendar”

  1. I like it buddy, maybe one of these days we’ll go out for some grub. Keep up the fine work my brother. D

  2. wing calendar is a great idea but it looks more like an add for Waltzing Weasel, Tilted Kilt and Village Inn… there are a lot of places in Oshawa with better wings that these places… r u planning to update the calendar with other wing establishments?

  3. @len
    Agreed! I’ve been meaning to get around to it, but having had our first child this year, I haven’t been going for wings as much!

    I’ll definitely add Buffalo Wild Wings… Not sure what else I like right about now. Also, it’s all about the deals – in fact Waltzing Weasel might not even have a wing deal these days. Tilted Kilt is operating under a new name, not sure if they switched ownership or not, but from what I hear their deals are still on.

    Patty Shack has good deals on if you follow them on friendface, but I’m not decided on their wings yet. I love the Wings Shack sauces, but I every time I go, the wings taste burnt.

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