Wing Shack, I hardly knew ye

Space for lease: Wing Shack
Space for lease: Wing Shack

It’s a sad day in wing land – Wing Shack Whitby is closed.  It was my favourite wing place of all time.

The wings were awesome!  Never breaded, and almost all of the flavours were spicy.  For example, their medium was literally Frank’s Red Hot hot sauce.  Not just spicy, but delicious too.  They used to have a promo where for every Leaf’s game, it was 2 for 1 wings for the whole game, also it used to be 2 for 1 Saturdays too – but they cut back on those days this year.

I’ve sent an email out to the owner to see what he’s got to say about it, if anything. (check back soon for an update)

I’ve heard back from one of the bands that was scheduled to play, and I’m not saying who, but here’s what they had to say, “[we] were told last week that The Wing Shack in Whitby has gone under ……… no gig, unfortunately!”

I hope this isn’t the last Wing Shack endeavor.  If it is, I would love to get a hold of the recipes, especially the 9 pepper.  The 9 pepper is unmatched in flavour, and has great heat.

The Wing Shack wings are the yardstick by which I judge all other wings.

Wing Shack Whitby: Rest In Peace
Wing Shack Whitby: Rest In Peace

If you know more about the details of the closing or what’s coming up from these guys, please leave a comment!  (also let know if it’s on the down-low, I won’t say anything)

Also, if you are willing to share your recipes, oh great Wing Shack chefs, I’d be glad to publish them (or keep ’em to myself – either way, I’ll take ’em).

I’ve now added an archive of the Wing Shack’s website (as it was when it went down) to my site, with Dave’s permission of course!

I’ve been in contact with Dave on several occasions (address in comments below), and ordered sauces off of him when he does a batch.  If you’d like authentic Wing Shack sauces, contact him.  It’s legit, and the sauces are awesome!

Dave is launching a new venture in Oshawa, The Patty Shack.  More info here.

17 thoughts on “Wing Shack, I hardly knew ye”

  1. Man, that blows!!!
    I won’t say their wings are (were?) my favourite, but one of my fave places for sure.
    Fucking hell.
    Did that wonderfully-named Motley Crue cover band (“Remotely Crue,” I believe) get to play this past Saturday or did the tank happen before then?

  2. I used to work there. Quit because of regular unsanitary conditions and not in compliance with health regulations. That’s it. No kidding. Finally caught up to him. I would never eat there.

  3. It was my favourite place in Whitby and I loved the cajun wings. thanks for the info about the conditions though but what a drag

  4. They got too succesful. I sent them an e-mail a while back, complaining
    of several changes since the “pizza” expansion. Always out of Rickard’s
    Red & Kieths on Wed nights. Increased prices (big time. >$1/ wing!)
    nickel & dimeing long time patrons, i.e. you can’t have Rickards with the pound & pint special, charge you 50cents for hot sauce on the side when you are spending
    $60-70, dropped all thier previous specials, except all you can eat night
    when the place was packed & it took 30-40 min to get a 7 wing “pound”, cutting
    back on the fries & veg & dip that used to be included in a pound.
    They never responded, but I know they saw it because I went back one time
    & one of the staff told me “I saw your letter”. So they thought it was important enoufgh to show around, but not to reply or address the concerns.
    Oh well a great shame. My friends & I went there since it was a little hole
    in the wall.
    Too much expansion too fast…:-(

  5. Hey guys,whats up with the closing of the shack in Whitby..Those of you who know me will remember it was my fav bar of all time..I had many many great times there with my buddies and friends..Got to know the staff as though they were family..Dave,Brian,Brett,Ronnie,Kris,Kim,and others..Since moving out east almost five years ago,I only made it back to the shack when vacationing in Whitby with family..I remember when it first opened,great atmosphere,great food,great entertainment..Lots of great memories..Will truly miss the shack when returning to Whitby….TAKE CARE ALL,GOOD LUCK……..

  6. Thanks for all the good and bad comments… the truth be told anytime you wanna hear it and good news for some…Wing Shack Sauces live on…. just send me an email and i will get back to you to talk about your order….

    [email protected]

    As for the former employee…. nice to see that no names ever get published when they have something bad to say….talk to me anytime!!

  7. Hey Dave,hope things are well..sorry to hear of the shack closed in Whitby..As I said in my previous comment,alot of great times with alot of great people.KEEP IN TOUCH…RAY PIERCEY [email protected]

  8. I was one of the regular customers at Wingshack, first in Ajax, and the in Whitby.

    Their wings were the best, and the customer service was great too. Jesse and Lisa were awesome. I didnt even have to place an order, whenever I went there……They knew it !!

    I would give anything to have a taste of the ” 9 PEPPER” SAUCE, and the “GARDZILLA SAUCE”( I dont know if I spelt it correctly, but it came with the fries ).

    I would highly appreciate If anyone would please inform me , If the ever open up another branch.



  9. Hey…I liked the fact that amateur local talent was featured on Sunday afternoons. I’m a teacher and some of my kids performed at the “Wing Shack”! Now, I’ve got a new crop of wanna’be’s but there’s nothing like the Wing S. where they can perform. Any suggestions would sure be appreciated. I run a guitar club and these kids need a place to get started!

  10. hey dave i was once a reg at wing shack miss u guys big time was really hoping i could order your wings again can u help me solve this proplem i am having. i yet still havent found any better plz contact me

  11. @Derek
    Hey Dave, (staff at Patty Shack)

    I am one of the original repeat customers from the original wing shack in ajax, then whitby and recently found out about the patty shack. You even sponsored my ball team for a few years and we won everything to give you a plaque at the end. just wondering what happened to all the sponsor plaques and pictures?

    Also, I am begging you all for the recipe for the 7 Pepper Sauce. I will keep to myself honest…

    Loved it and would have it in a glass, weird I know.. please email me the recipe or at least let me know what the base is…

    thanks. miss the wings….

  12. Ah man this place had one of the best cover bands of the Tragically Hip play there called Road Apples. Great atmosphere and had lots of fun.

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